ForexYard Review


ForexYard is the right place to invest your money if you are looking for an online portal with low spreads and one that is easy to use.

The minimum deposit at ForexYard is $100 and this is one of the things that makes this broker unique. This low deposit amount makes it easy for new forex traders to enter into today’s market.

ForexYard Review

ForexYard Accounts

ForexYard Account Types
  SuperMini Standard FSA Institutional
Min Initial Deposit $100 $1000 $2000 $50 000
Fees Yes No No No
Commission No No No $4 per lot
Lot Size 1000 10 000 10 000 100 000
Leverage 200:1 200:1 200:1 30:1
Forex Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gold No Yes No No
Oil No Yes No No
Silver No Yes No No

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Mode of payment

The ForexYard portal is very easy to navigate. You have to sign up in order to start trading. Its operations are much faster compared to that of many other brokers. Opening a super mini account costs the trader $100 only. You can use various options to fund it. All credit cards can be used for this purpose. Withdrawal is through credit card, check, Paypal and bank wire.

Tools of trade offered

One of the tools provided in this portal is a software that can used on any computer. This means that you are not limited to doing forex trade from one computer only. ForexYard is the broker that you need in order to benefit from bonuses. These bonuses motivate new forex traders to enter into the business with confidence.

For people who have not prior experience in forex trading, this website offers them with professionals who are dedicated in offering round-the-clock assistance. It all happens online and therefore anybody in the world can access the portal. This provides you with all the sophisticated tools that you need in order to make the best decision in every situation.

The Client Base

The client base for this Fx website is global. The Forex Yard portal is available in 10 main languages of the world. Tutorial classes are provided through demos and practical sessions on different accounts that are available. These forms of training are offered free of any charge. The functionality is very easy to test. Real time quotes are very easy to practice with at any time during trading sessions.

To begin with, traders who are familiarizing themselves with how stuff works should use “pretend” money, opening a ForexYard Demo Account. Once they become familiar with the system, they can start using “real” money. All clients are free to choose an account that best suits their needs.

Customer Service

The website is very interactive. One can send queries and get instant responses in many ways. In short, the system that they use is very responsive. It is also full of technical support staffs who always know what they are doing. Phone calls are an efficient ways of calling the staffs in case you have an urgent business matter for which you require urgent assistance.

You can call ForexYard support toll free at 1-888-266-9696 (US) and 0-808-234-6341 (UK) or email them [email protected].

The customers service people at know what clients want. They are also fully aware that this forex portal handles both educative and entrepreneurial functions. The customer service people come in to offer a good link between seekers of information and the people responsible for giving information on different specific areas. This makes Forexyard one of the best forex sites online.


ForexYard is a good platform for both beginners and professionals. People with a real need to learn new things in the forex trading system will find the website of this broker very helpful. In terms of options, ForexYard is not badly off. There are many currency pair choices to make. No fear of price-freezes and negative balance protection is always ensured.

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