eToro is one of the forex brokers that are growing at the same rate with the forex market. eToro is a very famous broker. The fame results from the advanced social trading platforms that are offered by this portal.

The experience offered by eToro is all-round. You will not miss anything on the forex market as long as you are dealing with this broker.

eToro Forex Broker Review

The broker has designed everything in their website such that the user’s work is very easy. Their main focus is social trading. But all areas of the website can be navigated easily and everything is highly interactive. Information is provided in a friendly and precise manner such that it is always easy to get what you are looking for.

If you have tried researching on other web-based brokers, you will notice that eToro seems to tower above majority of them in terms of professionalism and variety of services offered. Innovative is the best word to use to describe the online interface.

eToro Social Trading Site

eToro Social Trading Site

eToro us quite famous for their social trading platform - CopyTrader. CopyTrade allows the trader to copy other traders trades. This means you can follow and copy successful traders and make money of the same trades as they do.

If you're successful enough you can also yourself become a "guru" and earn more money with your traders as other traders start copying your trades.

Traders with different levels of experience can use different tools offered in the same website. With one click, you can access the Expert mode. This mode is very difficult for beginners in forex to understand.

The information contained here is about trade history, information on how to trading orders management, charts and calendar events. This is where you will get the latest information on forex trades. This is where big fortunes are made or lost.

Operating The eToro Social Trading Platform

The user has the option of using the platform in its downloadable format. Alternatively, you might use it on an online environment or their mobile social trading app. The online environment is the best option for those traders who have very different needs and therefore have to keep accessing online updates and news all the time.

It is easy to provide funding to your eToro account. It is all part of the trading experience. It is user-friendly and simple although some guidance is in order for people who lack enough exposure to the practices of-commerce. Some of the systems that you can use include Neteller, Paypal, MoneyGram, Webmoney, wire transfer and credit card.

Currency Pairs And Commissions

All major currency pairs are supported by this platform. In fact, it operates in line with the conventional forex trading practices that exist in the world today. The practice account is very crucial whenever you want to practice how to trade. After you are familiar with how the system works, you can switch to trades involving real money. One click will enable you to make the big switch into the world of real-money forex trading. For the majors, you may begin with as low as 2 pips. The maximum leverage supported is 400:1 while the initial investment can be a minimum of $200.

The trading experience is free of any commission. The customer support infrastructure promises to be very high-tech and various commodities are compatible with this platform. Addition features within the website include blogs, forums, chats, insights into top traders and trading contests among different members of the eToro community.

eToro Conclusion

eToro has made a good reputation although there are many more features that people are not aware of that exist in this platform. Unless you a forex trade expert, you might not know much about them. The high quality trading tools are the ones that make this broker rise to the top of the ranks to become in the league of the best online forex brokers today. And for social trading interested traders, eToro is the most popular choice.

Every connection made with eToro is an opportunity to learn new things and take the forex trading career one step ahead. Demo tools are within reach for beginners or even professionals who want to go back to the basics once in a while.

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