Below you'll find an objective review of AvaTrade forex site.

AvaTrade Introduction

AvaTrade is known more for ease of use rather than the range of forex and CFD trade services that it offers. Novice traders like just as much as professional traders. This is the best portal for members who identify with both ends of the forex trading spectrum. The free demo allows you to see how everything works from the first step to the last one. The demo is based on a $10,000 investment.

AvaTrade Signup Bonus

Joining AvaTrade you will receive a sign up bonus depending on the sum of your initial deposit.

AvaTrade Bonus
Account Initial Deposit (min) AvaTrade Bonus





$1 000



$2 500 - $10 000

$500 - $2 000

AvaTrade VIP

$50 000

$10 000

Quality of Service

Quality is easy to get with AvaTrade since online resources are easy to access from any computer. You do not have to use any downloaded programs at AvaTrade.com and you can read financial commentaries on a daily basis. After you are confident about your experience, you only need to sign up through an simple process and starting trading in the forex financial market, using real currency and facing real risks and opportunities.

AvaTrade Trading Platform

Financial Instruments

The most important instrument for this platform is FX market analysis, which is always up-to-date with the latest information. You can stream FX news any time you want to. You can use any online technical analysis tool of your choice. You can use this information to study and make financial sense out of forex trading charts. All these instruments, if used well, will enable you make the best forex decisions in order to maximize on profits.

Other instruments include oil, gold, stock indices, gas, cotton, gas and silver. The backing of major financial institutions makes the AvaTrade portal very invaluable in getting things done profitably in the field of forex trade. Your funds are always safe as long as you invest them through acceptable standards. The partner program for introducing brokers seems to be an interesting idea for many people who want to cut out a niche in this challenging trade.

AvaTrade Leverage

The support center for leverage is offered in different major world languages. These languages include Chinese, English, German, French, Arabic, Japanese, Arabic and Dutch. Leverage is of very high degree. It can work for you as well as against you. It all depends on the decisions that you make. In order to avoid large losses, it is good to start with low leverage amounts before moving on to large leverages. AvaTrade derives compensation from differences between buying and selling shares.

The ease with which you access the leverage comes from the flexibility with which you can surf the Internet. The only information you need is the name of the portal and you are a few clicks away from free forex trading tips and insight information, not to mention regular news updates. Comparison between success rates of this portal and of other brokers puts AvaTrade at a rather high position. This goes a long way towards proving critics of this broker wrong.

AvaTrade Conclusion

Without doubt, AvaTrade seems like the forex broker that is worth trying out. In this case, the first thing that comes to mind is the registration process. In this case, this process is hassle free. Upon registration, you will have a whole 21 days in order to try out on the practice account where you will learn how to do things the right way.

For real accounts, your funds are safely conveyed though Western Union, Webmoney Paypal. However, Credit Card is the most instant process whereby customers can have instant access to their account funds. You might discover more user-specific benefits from this broker as you engage more with their services. Live trading is one of these benefits. To begin with, a silver account might be the right solution. More benefits will come as you climb the forex trade ladder.

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